Microfridge Amenity

The Residential Life Office now provides microfridge units in each traditional hall student bedroom for residents' convenience, and also as an energy-saving effort. This amenity is available to all students residing in Courtney Hall, Dickinson Hall, Scanlon Hall, Lammers Hall, and Davis Hall.

These rooms will come equipped with either a 3.1 unit or a 4.8 unit. Single and double rooms will be equipped with the 3.1 unit, triples will be equipped with the 4.8 unit, and quads will be equipped with two 3.1 units. These units are helpful for students that plan to store small amounts of food in their rooms, and would like to have access to a microwave without going down to the kitchen in our residence halls. 

We encourage students to take advantage of these units, rather than bringing their own. They create less clutter, save more energy, and take the hassle out of moving refrigerators in and out during opening and closing! Any questions can be directed to housing@westfield.ma.edu