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The staff in the Office of Human Resources, Title IX, and Equal Opportunity are committed to providing service and guidance in any way we can.

The resources in this section will guide and assist supervisors and hiring managers through the employee life cycle from the initial classification decision to when an employee leaves the university.

  • So you’ve determined that you need additional help, now what? Writing the perfect job posting that attracts top talent can be a big challenge for managers. You know exactly what you want in your head but how do you put that into words? Take a look at the University’s guide to hiring for information on the next steps.


    Hiring Process Handbook for Benefited Employees

  • One of the most important things you can do as a manager is to ensure that all of your employees are rowing in the same direction. Employee conflict is inevitable. Learning ways to manage it and helping employees to be the best versions of themselves benefits everyone—the individual, the team, and the institution.

  • The most challenging part of being a manager is having to address employee transgressions. It is your job as a manager to understand and convey to the employee that their behavior is not acceptable but that you and the University want to see them succeed going forward. Delivering the message in the right way can help ensure that employees know you’re on their side.

  • As a manager, one of your primary responsibilities is to help your employees develop to their full potential. Part of that development is providing continuous feedback, both positive and constructive, on a regular basis. Performance evaluations are a way to formally document the progress your employees are making at certain benchmarks.

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