Study Spaces on Campus

Explore Study Spaces and Computer Labs

Whether you're a residential student or a commuter, everyone needs a dedicated space to study or engage in online activities. Below is a list of available study spaces and computer labs.

Remember, it's important to maintain cleanliness in shared spaces. Please wipe down the areas you use before and after your sessions, respect room capacity limits, and practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer frequently.

Let's work together to keep our campus safe and protect the nest while utilizing these spaces!

Student studying in Ely wearing grey shirt and black pants with headphones on.

Academic Buildings

  • Exterior of Bates Hall
    • Bates 117 classroom
    • Bates 218 classroom
  • Dower Center for the Arts entrance
    • Dower 103 student lounge
    • Dower 142 computer lab
    • Dower 166 computer lab
  • Sunset outside the Ely Campus Center
    • Ely open space 3rd floor
    • Ely open space 1st floor
    • Ely open space 2nd floor
    • Ely open space basement by DD
    • Ely 220 classroom
    • Ely 338 classroom
    • Ely 313 computer lab
    • Ely Library 
    • Ely Library computer lab
  • Nettie Stevens Science Center in the Spring with pink flowering tree branches in front of it.
    • Nettie Stevens Science & Innovation Center, Lounges (1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors)
  • Scanlon Hall front
    • Scanlon Banacos exam room (for scheduled exams only)
  • Wilson Hall front
    • Commuter Cafe
    • Commuter Lounge (bottom floor)
  • Exterior of Woodward Center
    • Woodward 240 computer lab

Residential Buildings

The following buildings offer open lounges, kitchens, and study spaces for residents.

  • Exterior image of Davis Hall

    Davis Hall

  • Dickinson Hall interior common room

    Dickinson Hall

  • Exterior of New Hall with sun shining.
    • New Hall 
    • New Hall 141b computer lab
  • Exterior view of University Hall with students walking in the foreground

    University Hall

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