Federal Work Study

Aid Available through Student Employment Programs

Westfield State University has grouped the various financial aid programs available to our students into three different categories: grant/waivers, loan, and work. The following is a description of the student employment programs.

Federal Work Study Positions

Work Study is a federal- and state-funded program awarded to students with demonstrated need based on the FAFSA. Federal Work Study provides an opportunity for part-time employment on-campus, or off-campus with approved community service organizations.  Westfield State University awards Federal Work Study to students who fill out a Request for Work Study form on a first-come, first-serve basis and based upon availability of funds. Awarded students receive information packets with instructions for securing a job beginning in late July or early August, and as awards are made throughout the term.

Students may apply for Federal Work Study by completing a Request for Work Study form at the front desk of the Financial Aid Office, located on the first floor of the Horace Mann Center. These forms are made available beginning on Opening Day each academic year. The likelihood of eligible students receiving Federal Work Study is greatest for the earliest applicants. Funds are reviewed periodically, and students are notified of the outcome at their Westfield State University email addresses. We encourage interested students to complete to Request for Work Study form during the first week of classes as demand for Work Study usually exceeds the amount of available funding.

Once a student is in the program, that student must continue to show eligibility each year based on the FAFSA. Students who remain eligible and earn most of their award in a year will be awarded the following year. Students who do not participate and earn most of their funds, or who do not show eligibility based on their FAFSA will not continue to be awarded Work Study.

Trust Fund Positions

Any student is eligible for a trust-funded position regardless of their financial aid status, provided that they are authorized to work in the United States. Trust fund positions are posted in the Student Services/Employment section of the “My Westfield” student portal. Students are responsible for applying for positions and once hired, all required paperwork must be completed and verified prior to beginning employment. The Financial Aid Office is not involved in hiring students for Trust Fund positions.