Student Account Policies & Procedures

Student Accounts Policies are published in the University Catalog.

More specific details about how the policies are enforced, and instructions for meeting financial obligations are provided as enclosures with each Student Bill.

Students who register for courses at the University do so with the understanding that they are responsible for payment of all charges reflected on their bills. Registered students also understand that certain penalties are applied to accounts that are not settled in full by each semester's due date, such as incurred late fee surcharges, forfeited class schedules, and withheld official academic transcripts and conferred degrees.

It is each student's responsibility to maintain his or her student account. The Family Rights and Privacy Act, and University policy determine and regulate the nature and amount of billing account information we may provide to concerned parties other than the student, as well as the nature and degree of direction we may be given by parents.

Some charges are placed on Student's Accounts by other departments, including but not limited to the examples listed below.  Please contact the department listed for inquiries and appeals regarding these charges.

Residence Hall fees (and subsequent cleaning, damage, and check out fees fees)
Department of Residential Life

Library Fines

Traffic and Parking Fines
Public Safety

Schedule of REFUNDS due to withdrawal.
(For full details, please see the University Catalog.)

Withdrawals prior to the first day of classes


Withdrawals during the first 2 weeks of classes


Withdrawals during the third week of classes


Withdrawals during the fourth week of classes


Withdrawals during the fifth week of classes


Withdrawals after the fifth week of classes

No refund

This policy is in accordance with the 1998 Financial Aid Reauthorization Act. It is reviewed annually by the College's Chief Financial Officer and the Board of Trustees. This policy is subject to change without prior written notification.