Creative, Collaborative and Complex

Studying theatre provides the opportunity to explore the great ideas expressed by this age-old and complex art form, while discovering keys to successful self-expression, participating in the creative processes of theatrical design and its related technologies, and learning about cultural history and its connection to how we live today. Theatrical study also fosters better global citizens, through its focus on diversity across cultures and throughout history.

  • Productions that teach about issues in the world today
  • Opportunity to be involved and engaged from the first semester
  • Faculty with connections to the theatre scene in New York City
  • Participation in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
  • Opportunities to pursue directing, design, and writing in addition to acting

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Professor James McNamara
Chair - Theatre Arts Department


Revised March 2021

The mission of the WSU Theatre Arts Program is to provide an excellent and broadly based academic education in all aspects of theatre. We provide foundational theatre training that enables students to hone skills in oral, written, physical, and visual communication; in developing personal creative expressiveness; in team-building and collaboration; in critical thinking and problem solving; and in engaging with complex philosophical and social issues that explore the nature of humanity in a community setting. These skills are vital to a career as a theatre artist, and are easily applicable to multiple professional paths. 

Students explore a wide range of plays that help them better understand history across eras and cultures. This creates a sense of empathy, sympathy, and justice important to global citizenship. The Theatre Arts Program is committed to equity and inclusion, elevating voices of traditionally under-represented groups through play selection, course materials, and casting. The program enriches the university and surrounding community by presenting important plays for the consideration and inspiration of audiences.


To inspire creative work relevant to the local and global community.