An innovative approach to politics, law and government

Whether you are interested in learning about politics or pursuing a career in government/law, our program gives you the opportunity to find your own voice on contemporary issues that affect the nation and the world.

  • Peace Corps Certificate Program, only one offered by a public university in MA, preparing students for volunteering in the Peace Corps
  • Model United Nations team participating in three Model UN competitions - National Model UN in NYC, Harvard Model UN, and McGill Model UN; our award winning Model UN is generously supported by the University for travel and registration
  • Internships with elected officials, local governments, law firms, and many more
  • Washington Center Internship in Washington D.C.
  • 3+3 Law Program with UMass Law School allowing students to complete a BA and a law degree in six years
  • Master of Public Administration

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Dr. Hugh Jo
Chair - Political Science Department
Scanlon Hall


Political scientists think critically and analytically and apply a broad understanding of the nature of politics to the important questions of our time. The Department of Political Science seeks to prepare students for graduate education in various fields as well as for careers in government, politics, law, and a wide range of other professional and managerial positions. We help students learn how policies are made and carried out. We also provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in political discourse as informed citizens.