Submitting Your Digital Art Portfolio


If you requested admission to the Art Major on your application form, applicants must successfully pass a portfolio review by the Art Department’s faculty.

Portfolio requirements and tips:

  1. All portfolios must consist of 15 pieces of work (please send web-links for digital media included in your portfolio in the image inventory sheet).
  2. Please submit artwork using industry standard computer graphic programs. Acceptable file formats are high resolution:
    • JPG (.jpg)
    • Adobe (.psd)
    • Adobe (.pdf)
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps)
    • QuarkXPress (.qxd)
    • In Design (.indd)
    • QuarkXPress (.qxd)
    • In Design (.indd)
    • Powerpoint (.ppt)
    • Director
    • Flash
    • HTML
  3. Please include an image inventory sheet including your contact information, title, medium or program(s) used, size, date of execution, and a brief description of the piece.
  4. All digital portfolios should be checked to assure that links work properly and all necessary files are included. Instructions should be included if necessary for viewing digital portfolios under the piece’s section of the image inventory sheet.
  5. Do not include artwork that is a direct copy of another artist’s work, design, ideas or characters.
  6. Your portfolio may concentrate on a single medium or may show a variety of media.
  7. Demonstrate your knowledge of the principles and elements of art and design.
  8. Your portfolio may include both class assignments and self-directed work.
  9. Include in your portfolio what makes you stand out as an artist: materials that you love to work with, subject matter you’re interested in exploring, and display how you see the world? 
  10. Ask for feedback from your teachers and classmates.
  11. Photograph your non-digital artwork for your portfolio.
  12. Please review the video on how to upload your digital portfolio.

Submit your portfolio here

Portfolio due dates:

  • Fall Transfers, May 1st*
  • Spring Transfers, December 1st*
  • First- Year Students, March 1st*
    *Note: For late portfolio submissions, please contact the Art Department Chair at
  • Visual Arts Education, Initial PreK-8 or 5-12, Post-baccalaureate Licensure Program, there is no set due date, please submit when your portfolio is completed and ready to be reviewed

When the Undergraduate Admission Office or College of Graduate and Continuing Education Office receives notification that you have passed your portfolio review, you will then become an Art Major or be accepted into the department's Visual Arts Education Post-baccalaureate Progam.  If you do not pass or do not complete the review, your major will stay as Undeclared until you do so or not be accepted into the Visual Arts Education Post-baccalaureate Progam.

If you would like additional information about the portfolio review process, please contact the Art Department directly at (413) 572-5630.

Thank you for choosing the Art Department at Westfield State University! We look forward to meeting you soon!