Accelerated Programs

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3+3 Bachelor to Juris Doctorate program

The 3 + 3 Bachelor to Juris Doctorate is a rigorous accelerated degree program that allows you to complete both your undergraduate degree and law degree in just six years!

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B.S./M.S. in Criminal Justice 4+1

Westfield State University is offering undergraduate criminal justice students an accelerated pathway to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree in just 5 years. These students will have the opportunity to enroll in graduate-level criminal justice courses in their senior year. This 4+1 program allows for students enrolled in this option to obtain their bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminal justice in less time than it would be to take them separately.

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Master of Public Administration, Policy and Civic Engagement-Early Entry

Students accepted into the Early Entry Master of Public Administration, Policy and Civic Engagement program will enroll in graduate-level courses during their senior year with 6-credits counting toward both their related major’s bachelor’s degree and their master’s degree in public administration.

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Education Accelerated Dual Degree Program

The accelerated dual degree program for undergraduate elementary education majors is a sequence of undergraduate and graduate-level education courses packaged together to allow students to complete both their bachelor’s degree and complete a M.Ed. program in five years!

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