WSU360 gives you a convenient way to keep track of your students – raising flags when you observe a pattern of behavior that concerns you, or a kudo when you want to give positive feedback. Ensuring that the people on campus who can intervene are aware. It also allows your students to easily book an appointment with you or someone else who can help.

The Department of Academic Achievement (Currently, Center for Student Success and Engagement) implemented this retention software in the Fall of 2014, and for the first academic year, we piloted the progress survey and early alert portion of the system. We spent the year collecting faculty feedback and are now ready to expand our usage for faculty, in their roles as both instructors and advisors.

The software is designed to create a circle of care between our faculty, students, and staff advisors across campus. It allows for open communication between instructors, across departments, and other administrators. We began by surveying students enrolled in the Banacos Learning Disabilities Program, the LEAD Scholars Program (formerly known as the Urban Education Program), TRIO Student Support Services Program, First Year Athletes, and students on Academic Probation. We added all of the first-year-only courses in the Fall of 2015 to track the transition of students in the first year. Based upon data gathered from the academic actions after the fall term we will add all new transfers and undeclared students to the groups surveyed in the Spring of 2016. Now, we have all undergraduate and graduate students loaded in the system so faculty can see all of their rosters no matter who they may be teaching.  

User Guides

Instructor/Advisor User Guide

Student User Guide

Progress Survey Announcements

Fall 2023 Survey Schedule:

Walk Away & Early Alert Survey:  September 18th to October 2nd (goes to all instructors of all active courses)

Mid-Term Progress Survey:  October 23rd to November 6th (goes to all-day division and CE students)

Accessibility Announcements

 - If you are a new employee on campus and would like access to WSU360 please have your supervisor on campus contact in order to request your accessibility and in what capacity you will be using the system.