RIDE Center- Skills Badge

What is a Skills Badge?

  • A RIDE Center skills badge is our system to track and display the safety training obtained by all users of our space. Badges are available to any student, faculty, staff or community member who wants one, and are required for all individuals to operate equipment that presents potential safety risks!
  • Skills badge are not required to work in the RIDE Center, but identified equipment will require assistance from a trained RIDE Center staff member or Student Ambassador before using on your own.
  • Interested in a RIDE Center skills badge? Complete the short online form on the bottom of the page to sign up for a training. Once completed, an individualized badge will be created for you with light grey icons for the skills you have mastered.
Example of a skills badge with student photo and icons for 3D printer, resin printer, laser cutter, soldering, power tools, textiles.


How to Add Skills to Your Badge

  • As you participate in safety training, workshops, and other assignments, your skills badge will gain colorful achievement stamps to signal that you are certified to use each piece of equipment without the assistance of a RIDE Center staff member or Student Ambassador.
  • Where do I keep my badge? Magnetic skills badge will remain behind the RIDE Center circulation desk for easy pickup and drop off. When doing work in the RIDE Center, badges should be worn so that they are easy to see by others in the space; wear them with pride!
  • Some skills badge stamps may require one day training, while others can require multiple sessions. Ask a RIDE Center staff member or Student Ambassador for more information!

Looking to get a Skills Badge?

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