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Fostering Innovation: The Role of Faculty Fellows in the RIDE Center

Innovation in the RIDE Center thrives on the dedication of faculty members committed to translating classroom concepts into tangible experiences. At the forefront of this transformative endeavor are the 'Faculty Fellows.' These individuals have collaborated closely with the RIDE Center, uniting their expertise to explore innovative ways of leveraging the RIDE Center's prototyping equipment in their teaching.

From harnessing vectors to craft unique ornaments, to creating heartfelt cards for local senior citizens, or delving into the intricate world of 3D printing by producing insulin and insulin receptor models, Westfield State University's faculty members are fostering immersive learning environments. The invigorating atmosphere within the RIDE Center during classroom sessions spreads enthusiasm, as students and faculty alike engage in a journey of discovery, mastering new skills and collectively bringing textbook theories to life.

RIDE Center Faculty Fellows come from diverse disciplines, each bringing their unique perspective to the table. Moreover, they are provided with opportunities for professional development throughout the semester, enabling them to exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and embrace novel approaches to teaching and learning. Together, they embody the spirit of innovation, propelling Westfield State University towards a future where education transcends boundaries and empowers learners to realize their full potential.

RIDE Center Faculty Fellows Perks

Joining the RIDE Center as a Faculty Fellow opens up a world of opportunities for innovation and collaboration in teaching and research. Here are some exclusive perks you can enjoy:

Consumable Budgets:

Gain access to consumable budgets tailored for course-embedded projects or prototyping future endeavors.

Consultations and Professional Development:

Benefit from select consultations and PD days with MakerHealth partners and our Executive Director, Dr. Lamis Jarvinen. These sessions offer invaluable support in refining your ideas and receiving expert recommendations on implementing them effectively in your teaching and research.

Access to Tutorials:

Explore a wealth of tutorials exclusively available to RIDE Center Faculty Fellows. MakerHealth provides literature and real-world examples to inspire and guide your initiatives. Discover how fellow faculty members utilize the RIDE Center in their classes and research endeavors with students.

Funding Opportunities:

Seize the chance to apply for funds supporting your attendance at conferences or PD events related to innovation and design. Share your insights and experiences with others upon your return.

Off-Hours Access:

Enjoy access to the RIDE Center during off-hours, allowing for uninterrupted exploration and experimentation.

Are you a faculty member ready to dive into the world of innovation and collaboration?

Contact Executive Director Dr. Lamis Jarvinen at ljarvinen@westfield.ma.edu to learn more on how you can get involved.

RIDE Center Faculty Fellows

  • Dr. Roderico Acevedo, Chemical and Physical Sciences

    Roderico Acevedo, Ph.D.
    Chemical and Physical Sciences

    Learn more

  • Professor Charles DiStefano

    Charles DiStefano, Ph.D.
    Professor of Political Science 

    Learn more

  • Economics Department Chair Dr. Susanne Chuku stands at the front of a classroom while teaching.

    Susanne Chuku, Ph.D.
    Professor of Economics

    Learn more

  • Professor Anthony Furnelli

    Anthony Furnelli
    Professor of Management & Marketing

    Learn more

  • tim parshall

    Tim Parshall, Ph.D.
    Professor of Environmental Science

    Learn more

  • george ramirez head shot

    George Ramirez
    Professor of Art 

    Learn more

  • Professor Amanda Salacinski

    Amanda Salacinski, Ph.D.
    Professor of Movement Science 

    Learn more

  • Professor Kimberly Sherman

    Kimberly Sherman, Ph.D.
    Professor of Management & Marketing

    Learn more

  • tamara smith headshot

    Tamara Smith, Ph.D.
    Professor of Health Sciences

    Learn more

  • Photo coming soon placeholder

    Beverly St. Pierre, Ph.D.
    Professor of Health Sciences

    Learn more

  • Professor Vaithee

    S. Vaithee Swaran, Ph.D.
    Professor of Chemical & Physical Sciences

    Learn more

  • Professor von Renesse

    Christine von Renesse, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mathematics

    Learn more

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