S-STEM Scholarship

A student wearing rubber gloves conducts an experiment in a laboratory setting. 

Have a Passion for Science & Technology?

Take the next step and apply to a STEM major! Westfield State offers STEM majors in biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, and mathematics. By choosing a STEM major students enhance career growth, salary, and make a positive impact on their community and beyond.

SAVE with the S-STEM Scholarship

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Westfield State University a STEM grant to support the project, “A Roadmap to Success in STEM: Mental Wellbeing, Academic, and Professional Development Supports Program (MAP).”

The project aims to help academically talented, low-income students develop the confidence and work-life balance skills needed to be successful academically and professionally through improving and building upon four pillars of institutional support: financial, academic, social, and professional development.

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    and enroll into a STEM major and SAVE with the S-STEM scholarship

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Who can Apply to the Scholarship?

Incoming full-time first year​​​​ Westfield State University students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, and mathematics are eligible to apply.

Students must also have:

  1. Low-income status defined as Pell Grant eligible (by the Financial Aid Office)

  2. Average GPA equal to or higher than a 2.8

Start Your Application

There are two ways to apply.

Application Requirements

After prospective students have been accepted to WSU and submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), eligible low-income students who meet the minimum criteria will receive an invitation letter to apply for the S-STEM scholarship.

The scholarship application must include the following items:

Reflection Essay

Applicants will be prompted to elaborate on questions about their potential for academic success, resilience, and academic curiosity. 


Questionnaire about prior experiences outside the classroom such as volunteering, employment, hobbies, training or family responsibilities. 

Recommendation letters

Up to two recommendation letters from people who know you well - in or out of the classroom such as school teachers, employers, supervisors, coaches, or co-workers.  

Apply to the S-STEM Scholarship

Application opens February 1 and closes April 15.

Enjoy all the Benefits of our M.A.P. Program

Promoting student success through mental health literacy is central to the project and will add to the knowledge base of how mental wellbeing impacts student retention, graduation, and career pathways.

Mental well-being

We will emphasize work-life balance through mindfulness courses embedded in your curriculum and access to a variety of workshops and relaxation sessions.

Academic support

We offer in-person and virtual tutoring services, cohort-building with your fellow scholars, and robust faculty and peer mentoring opportunities. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Partnerships with BioConnects, Project Onramp, CURCA, S-STEM LinkedIn Network, and access to paid internships.

The overall goal of MAP, is to increase STEM degree completion of low-income and academically talent students and prepare them to pursue a STEM career or graduate schools. The central component of this program is to promote student mental wellbeing through cohort building and help students develop the confidence and work-life balance skills needed to be successful academically and professionally.

Dr. Mai-Lun Weng, Assistant Professor of Biology

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